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We Have the Right Solution for Your Backyard

At Crusader Mosquito Control, we offer the number one automatic mosquito misting system on the market. MistAway’s® revolutionary outdoor mosquito control systems use a fine mist of botanical insecticides to rid your yard of disease carrying mosquitos and help you enjoy your yard again. Studies show that the MistAway® systems can reduce the number of mosquitos in a yard by up to 98%, making it highly effective for outdoor mosquito control.

Each mosquito misting system comes with a digital controller that automatically starts a mist cycle, typically at dawn and dusk, for effective outdoor mosquito control. During these times, most mosquitos are out, while other insects, like bees, lady bugs, and butterflies, are typically inactive. This helps eradicate mosquitos from your yard without harming the beneficial and beautiful insects we all love. However, the MistAway® mosquito misting system also offers you the ability to personalize the schedule based on your needs, no matter what time of day. Each mosquito misting system comes with a hand-held remote that allows you to alter your misting cycles easily without needing to go to your electronic control module.

First, Crusader Mosquito Control will inspect your property to evaluate how we need to design your mosquito misting system. Then, we install your misting nozzles around the boundaries of your yard for optimal insecticide distribution. Finally, we install the system that controls the mist and show you how to work your easy to use mosquito control system.

Your mosquito misting system from Crusader Mosquito Control is inconspicuous, easily blending in with your property. The last thing we want is to create an eyesore, so we will strategically place every component of your mosquito misting system to ensure your yard is beautiful and mosquito-free.

MistAway System
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Why MistAway® Mosquito Misting System?

MistAway’s® outdoor mosquito control systems are the most innovative on the market. At Crusader Mosquito Control, we love that every system is easily customizable for the best protection for your yard and family. Each MistAway® mosquito misting system offers state-of-the-art technology that allows us to more effectively kill the mosquitos in your yard and prevent them from biting you and spreading harmful diseases. Whether you want a traditional drum top unit or a tankless model for mosquito control, we offer you the best solutions for your yard.

The MistAway® systems offer some key benefits over other similar systems, including their durability, ease of use, and ingenious design.


To ensure long-lasting outdoor mosquito control, MistAway® systems are designed for longevity. Each mosquito misting system uses high-quality stainless-steel nozzles to stand up to the elements. You need never worry that summer heat, UV rays, rain, or humidity will negatively affect your nozzles. Additionally, the seals for the pumps and fittings of your mosquito misting system are made of durable Viton rubber to prevent rapid deterioration and last longer. Every component of your system is designed with durability in mind.

Easy to Use

We believe that outdoor mosquito control should be easy. Therefore, we offer you MistAway’s® easy to use and effective mosquito misting system for automatic outdoor mosquito control. Crusader Mosquito Control will program your system to mist at scheduled times when it will be most effective. At any time if you want to skip a misting cycle or add another, you can effortlessly do so with your hand-held remote.


At Crusader Mosquito Control, our goal is to offer you the best mosquito misting system on the market. Therefore, we provide MistAway® systems for their advanced design. Your mosquito misting system offers a leak detecting feature to prevent accidental insecticide siphoning. This means you waste none of the botanical insecticides you purchase, even if your lawn care equipment nicks your nozzles or tubing. Also, your MistAway® tank system executes an agitation cycle before each mist, creating the ideal insecticide concentration every single time. Therefore, for the most modern and efficient outdoor mosquito control, choose Crusader Mosquito Control for your MistAway® system.