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gen 1-3Leading Drum-based Mosquito Misting System

A drum-based mosquito misting system is a budget-friendly and effective way to protect your yard and your family from mosquitos. At Crusader Mosquito Control, we service, install, and repair MistAway’s® 1.3 system, which is a leading drum-based mosquito misting system. This mosquito control misting system comes with a 55-gallon insecticide tank and an electronic controller for automatic misting cycles. Each MistAway® system comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. Additionally, we offer a lifetime warranty for pumps, motors, and nozzles on each mosquito system we install and maintain.

Using a solution mist, your MistAway® 1.3 system kills disease carrying mosquitos in your yard. This highly durable and cost-effective mosquito control system allows you the peace of mind that your family is protected from bites and mosquito-borne diseases without using harmful chemicals.

Crusader Mosquito Control designs each drum-based mosquito misting system installation to your property to ensure maximum mosquito control. Therefore, we develop a well-thought-out plan for where to install your misting nozzles to ensure optimal insecticide dispersal. We help you get the most out of your drum-based mosquito misting system.

We also help you program your misting cycles based on your preferences and show you how to operate your easy-to-use electronic control module and remote control. At Crusader Mosquito Control, we make sure you are completely satisfied and that you’re never left in the dark.

To ensure a proper insecticide mix every time, your drum-based mosquito misting system automatically performs a pre-mist agitation. This helps mix the insecticide to ensure the most effective concentration every single time your system initiates a mist cycle.

At Crusader Mosquito Control, we also strategically place your unit to ensure it doesn’t affect the aesthetics of your property. Your drum-based mosquito misting system shouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb and detract from the beauty of your yard. Therefore, we collaborate with you to find the best placement of your system. While your system comes with a 55-gallon tank, the unit is easily hidden to keep your yard looking great.

Minimal Maintenance for Mosquito Control

Minimal Maintenance for Mosquito ControlOur service-driven values mean we want you to get the most out of your money. Therefore, Crusader Mosquito Control helps you maintain your drum-based mosquito misting systems to help them last longer. Unlike some companies that require you to sign a maintenance contract, we believe you should receive the maintenance services you need, when you need them. We never require service contracts. Instead, we work with you to find the best schedule for your systems service and accommodate your preferences.

During your refill services, we perform a comprehensive inspection to ensure your drum-based mosquito misting systems are working great. We also expertly mix your insecticide to the optimal concentrations so that your system uses just the right amount of insecticides. This helps ensure your system operates efficiently. We offer comprehensive and affordable services with no fixed schedules or contracts to help you maintain your system optimally without adding in services you don’t need.