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sprinklers spraying on lawn protected by mosquito repellent for yard
sprinklers spraying on lawn protected by mosquito repellent for yard
Counteract overly-damp or saturated lawns with targeted mosquito repellent for your yard.

Many people with homes dream of an abundant, green lawn and a stunning backyard. Sprinkler systems have a critical role in making this happen, but at times a nice relaxing summer evening can be absolutely ruined by a mosquito invasion! That is why it is crucial to work with Crusader Mosquito Control to protect your space with mosquito repellent for your yard. 

Finding the Source of the Problem

Were you aware that your sprinkler system could possibly be the culprit of your problem? There are many reasons why leaking sprinklers in your backyard might be the reason for your mosquito breeding ground. In order to thrive mosquitoes really rely on one key component: stagnant water. Female mosquitoes will lay their eggs in any standing water whatsoever no matter how big or small. Puddles caused in low spots by leaking sprinklers can become the main attraction for mosquitoes. The eggs hatch into larvae, then pupae, and lastly the blood-sucking mosquitoes we all hate and want to avoid. 

Another source to consider is potentially clogged gutters, a damp source that can seriously attract mosquitoes. Even though clogged gutters aren’t a part of your sprinkler system they can lead to water overflowing and inevitably pooling on the ground, making it the perfect mosquito attraction.

How Sprinklers Become Mosquito Magnets

Broken sprinkler heads are a huge component. When sprinkler heads are cracked or damaged they can continuously leak, which creates puddles of stagnant water. Overwatering your yard is also an important factor to consider. When you run your sprinklers too long or too frequently, it leads to water pooling, specifically in areas where there is poor drainage. 

The problem of these factors goes way beyond the annoying aspect. Mosquitoes aren’t just an annoyance they can carry and transmit awful diseases such as West Nile Virus, Zika Virus, and Malaria. Being able to reduce the chances of your yard becoming a breeding ground is crucial for your comfort and health.

Taking Action: Mosquito-Proofing Your Yard

There are a few simple steps that you can take to drastically reduce your chances of creating a mosquito breeding ground. Be sure to inspect your sprinklers regularly. Look for leaks, broken heads, and or areas with pooling water, and fix anything that is broken immediately. 

Optimizing your water schedule is also a great way to help mosquito-proof your backyard. Adjust your sprinkler settings for there to be an appropriate amount of water without causing overwatering.

 If there are specific parts of your backyard that tend to stay overly moist, you should consider upgrading drainage solutions like grading or french drains. Dumping and refreshing the standing water is key. 

Treat Your Yard with Long-Lasting Mosquito Repellent

You’ll also want to get rid of any standing stagnant water, including birdbaths, any containers that are holding and collecting rainwater, and kiddie pools. Last but not least, contact Crusader Mosquito Control to provide effective, continuous mosquito repellent for your yard.