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mosquito-breeding Houston bayou needing best mosquito control
mosquito-breeding Houston bayou needing best mosquito control
Combat Houston’s mosquito population with the best mosquito control for your home and yard.

Who needs pesky mosquitoes buzzing around and turning a lovely summer night into swat-fest? If you live in Houston, you know exactly what I’m talking about! Believe it or not, there are a whopping 56 different types of these little bloodsuckers buzzing around the Bayou City. That’s why effective mosquito treatment is key to keeping yourself and your family safe from these unwelcome neighbors.

Dreading another summer swatting at mosquitoes? Crusader Mosquito Control can help! Our expert treatments help keep your yard bite-free. Enjoy the outdoors again—call today for a free quote.

The Most Common Mosquitoes in the Houston Area

Even though there are 50-plus types of mosquitoes hanging around Houston, there are a few that can be considered quite troublesome.

Culex mosquitoes, commonly called “house mosquitoes”, are more than just a nighttime annoyance – they can sneak inside your home and annoy you during the night. Culex mosquitoes can also carry serious health risks, like West Nile Virus, St. Louis encephalitis, and even heartworm that can impact your beloved pets.

Aedes mosquitoes come in two types, both packing a nasty punch. The Aedes aegypti, also known as the yellow fever mosquito, might be familiar for its unpleasant reputation. But its cousin, the Aedes albopictus, or Asian tiger mosquito, shouldn’t be underestimated either. They stand out with their striking black and white markings and can transmit serious diseases like Zika virus, dengue fever, and chikungunya.

Another type of mosquito that runs rampant in Bayou City is the Salt Marsh Mosquito. These types of mosquitoes can be found in coastal regions and areas. They are incredibly strong fliers, enabling them to travel significant distances inland, e bringing their pesky and itchy bites along with them for the ride. 

What Makes Houston a Mosquito Magnet?

Houston might as well have a flashing “Welcome Mosquitoes!” sign. Here’s why: our climate is a warm, humid dreamland for these pests. Subtropical Houston gets plenty of rain, and the dense urban areas with all their nooks and crannies create perfect breeding grounds. The standing water around the city doesn’t help; from clogged gutters to bayous, Houston offers an endless supply of mosquito nurseries. No wonder these pesky critters love our city!

Best Mosquito Control for Your Houston Home

Even though mosquitoes are a nuisance, they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Not only are they highly annoying, but they can spread serious illnesses to you and your family. That’s why it is crucial to protect your home with Crusader Mosquito Control services. Contact us for a free quote now!