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backyard with integrated mosquito treatment for yard
backyard with integrated mosquito treatment for yard
Get the right amount of mosquito treatment coverage for your yard so you can enjoy your space this summer.

Summer’s coming! That means backyard barbecues, pool days, and playing outside with the kids. Sadly, it also means the return of those pesky mosquitoes buzzing in your ear and leaving itchy bites.

The secret to winning the bug battle is a good mosquito treatment. But with different systems out there, how do you know how much coverage you need? We’re here to clear that up and get you on your way to a mosquito-free yard! We provide mosquito treatment system installation and maintenance for homes across the greater Houston area. Call us today for a free quote!

Calculating Treatment Coverage

Square footage is the biggest factor determining how much mosquito treatment you need. The bigger the yard, the more product you’ll need. However, it’s not just about the size of your property. Dense foliage, areas of standing water, and the types of mosquitoes will also impact the type of treatment you need. 

For a smaller yard, say around 1,000 square feet, you might need a gallon of mosquito treatment. But remember, this can change a lot depending on the product you choose, how overgrown your yard is, and just how bad those mosquitoes are in your area.

Best Option for Treatment System

Traditional misting systems typically cover yards up to ½ acre effectively. We offer a number of misting systems to help you combat mosquitoes, but highly recommend a MistAway® system. It’s proven to reduce those pesky visitors by up to 98%! 

This system features a network of discreet nozzles installed around your yard’s perimeter. A tank stores a botanical insecticide that is automatically released at programmed intervals, like at dawn and dusk. Plus, it’s very customizable—you can easily adjust this programming with your digital remote. As needed, we stop by to refill the insecticide storage tank for you so your system can work continuously.

Benefits of Professional Mosquito Control

While there are DIY mosquito control options available, tackling a mosquito problem often benefits from a professional touch. Here’s why:

Expert Assessment: A trained technician can accurately evaluate your yard, pinpoint mosquito breeding grounds, and determine the best type of treatment for your needs. This precision is difficult to achieve with DIY guesswork.

Product Knowledge: Mosquito species vary, and not all insecticides work the same way. Professionals use products that are both effective and safe when applied correctly.

Beyond Treatment: Mosquito control is about prevention too. A technician can identify areas in your yard that attract mosquitoes (like hidden sources of standing water) and advise you on how to minimize those issues for lasting results.

Mosquito Treatment for Your Yard from Crusader

Figuring out the cost of mosquito treatment depends on the treatment system you choose and the size of your yard. Our team at Crusader Mosquito can give you a personalized assessment and accurate pricing.

Reclaim your outdoor space and leave the mosquito battle to the professionals. Let us make your yard a relaxing, bite-free haven all season long – get your free quote today!